Posted On: Sep 15, 2017

NOTE: This Quick Start is no longer available. See for our latest Quick Start catalog.

This new Quick Start automatically deploys a secure, performant, and fault-tolerant StorReduce cluster on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, into a configuration of your choice. 

StorReduce is a specialized cloud deduplication solution for companies that use object storage like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for large volumes of data. StorReduce sits between your applications and the object store, transparently performing inline data deduplication at ratios equaling those of industry-best purpose-built appliances while exposing the Amazon S3 API. Storage and bandwidth requirements are reduced by as much as 30 times, and data transfer times and backup windows can be reduced by the same amount. 

The AWS Cloud provides a suite of infrastructure services that enable you to deploy StorReduce in a highly available, fault-tolerant, and affordable way. With StorReduce on AWS, you can use StorReduce features such as deduplication, copy-on-write (COW) cloning of data, inter-regional/inter-cloud deduplicated replication, and much more with ease. You can deploy StorReduce within a new or existing VPC across multiple Availability Zones, with traffic distributed evenly across StorReduce’s endpoints through a load balancer. The deployment takes about 20 minutes for a cluster of three StorReduce servers. 

The deployment and configuration tasks are automated by AWS CloudFormation templates that you can customize during launch. You can also use the templates as a starting point for your own implementation, by downloading them from the GitHub repository. The Quick Start includes a guide with step-by-step deployment and configuration instructions.  

To get started with StorReduce on AWS, use the following resources:

About Quick Starts
Quick Starts are automated reference deployments for key technologies on the AWS Cloud. Each Quick Start launches, configures, and runs the AWS compute, network, storage, and other services required to deploy a specific workload on AWS, using AWS best practices for security and availability. This Quick Start was created by StorReduce in collaboration with AWS.