Posted On: Sep 21, 2017

You can now use additional built-in slot types for phone numbers, speed and weight with your Amazon Lex chatbot.

Slot types convert user utterances into data types, such as numbers and dates. With built-in slot types, you can quickly and easily define slots of a particular slot type in your chatbot to accurately resolve user responses to slot values. The phone number slot type will allow you to capture phone numbers specified in any of the commonly used formats in the US. The speed and weight enable resolution to the appropriate unit. Addition of these new slot types further expands the Amazon Lex built-in library bringing the total number of available built-in slot types to 96, and simplifying the process for your bot creation.  

These new built-in slot types are available in preview today in the U.S. East (N. Virginia) AWS Region. For more information please refer to the Amazon Lex documentation.