Posted On: Oct 16, 2017

Delivering high-quality applications is a critical priority for mobile application developers. As part of their development and quality assurance process, developers can work with emulators that come with their IDE and/or connect to a real device to their machines. However, it is impractical for developers to maintain a large set of local devices. Amazon Device Farm allows developers to test and debug their applications against a large set of real devices in the cloud.

Now, with direct device access, mobile applications developers can use individual devices in their private test set as if they were directly connected to their local machine via USB. Developers can now test against a wide array of devices just like they would as if the devices were sitting on their desk. 

This new functionality gives mobile application developers additional flexibility in their testing regimes to identify and address problems quickly without the expense of acquiring and maintaining a large set of local hardware. Developers can preview their work, debug, or automate test similar to how they work with device plugged into the machine directly. In the case of automated testing for CI/CD, this direct access capability provides developers flexibility in using the test framework of their choice. 

To learn more about direct device access, please see the documentation

AWS Device Farm is available from all regions and based out of the US West (Oregon) region.