Posted On: Nov 30, 2017

The AWS Lambda console has been updated with enhancements and new features that improve the experience of creating, configuring, testing, and monitoring your Lambda functions. 

AWS Cloud9-based code editor - You can now edit code for your functions in a robust, IDE-like environment that is based on AWS Cloud9. The new coding environment provides you with an immersive full-screen experience that lets you write code, test functions, and view the results of function executions.

Improved monitoring – The function monitoring view now has more robust graphs. You can zoom in or out to any timeframe, and you can jump to a function’s metrics or logs in a given timeframe with just one click.

Function config – The new function config makes it easier to visualize and configure your serverless applications. For each function in your serverless application, the function config shows you its “linked” services, such as event sources and downstream resources (i.e. the resources that your function’s role has access to).

AWS Serverless Application Repository integration (Preview) - In addition to Lambda blueprints, you can now choose from a collection of serverless applications published by developers, companies, and partners in the AWS community with the newly announced AWS Serverless Application Repository. After finding an application, you can configure and deploy it straight from the Lambda console. To use this integration, please sign up for the Serverless Application Repository Preview.

The enhanced AWS Lambda console is now available in all regions where Lambda is available. Visit the Lambda console to get started.