AWS Trusted Advisor Adds Service Limit Dashboard and CloudWatch Metrics

Posted on: Nov 20, 2017

With Trusted Advisor’s new Service Limit Dashboard, you can now view, refresh, and export utilization and limit data on a per-limit basis, allowing you to proactively monitor and more efficiently plan your use of AWS resources.

Service Limit Dashboard covers 39 limits across 10 services and is available to all AWS customers at no additional charge.

In addition, Trusted Advisor now publishes metrics for all checks to CloudWatch. This integration allows you to create custom alarms based on percentage of service utilization against limits, understand the number of resources surveyed by each check, and view time-aggregate views of check results across categories. Business and Enterprise support customers can view the new CloudWatch metrics for free within CloudWatch.

For more information about AWS Trusted Advisor and the Service Limit Dashboard, visit Trusted Advisor Best Practices and Service Limit Dashboard Questions. For more information about Trusted Advisor metrics in CloudWatch, visit What Is Amazon CloudWatch and Creating Custom Trusted Advisor Alarms Using CloudWatch.