Posted On: Nov 29, 2017

AWS Fargate is a compute engine for deploying and managing containers without having to manage any of the underlying infrastructure. Fargate makes it easy to scale your applications. You no longer have to worry about provisioning enough compute resources for your container applications. You can launch tens or tens of thousands of containers in seconds.

Previously, you needed to manage a cluster of Amazon EC2 instances, pick the instance types, manage the scheduling of the containers, and optimize cluster utilization. With Fargate, all of this goes away. Fargate seamlessly integrates with Amazon ECS. You just define your application as you do today for Amazon ECS. You package your application into task definitions, specify the CPU and memory needed, define the networking and IAM policies each container needs. Once everything is setup, Fargate launches and manages your containers for you.

With Fargate, billing is at a per second granularity and you only pay for what you use. You pay for the amount of vCPU and memory resources your containerized application requests. vCPU and memory resources are calculated from the time your container images are pulled until the Amazon ECS Task terminates, rounded up to the nearest second. 

AWS Fargate is available with Amazon ECS and support for Amazon EKS will be available in 2018. Fargate is available in US East (N. Virginia) with other regions coming soon.

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