Posted On: Nov 10, 2017

Starting today, you can monitor your Amazon Redshift, Amazon RDS, and Amazon ElastiCache reservations, in addition to your Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances (RI), using the RI Utilization report, available in AWS Cost Explorer.

The RI Utilization report visualizes the purchasing account’s reservation utilization (i.e., the percentage of reserved hours used against the purchased reservation) and provides additional reservation-related information (e.g., hours unused). To analyze utilization for a specific reservation, or set of reservations, you can use a variety of filtering dimensions, such as AWS service, instance or node type, region, and platform. You can also set a user-defined utilization target to identify reservations that are tracking above or below that threshold. 

To learn more about the RI Utilization report and other tools available to help you manage your reservations, you can visit the Reserved Instance Reporting webpage.