Posted On: Dec 6, 2017

Amazon Pinpoint Extensions (Public Beta) now enables customers: 1) to integrate new channels such as social messenger and in-app messaging channels, with Pinpoint segmentation and campaign management capabilities and 2) to enrich campaign segmentation and messaging during campaign execution by defining AWS Lambda functions to run on each campaign execution. 

Using the DELIVERY mode, customers can extend Pinpoint messaging channels and bring currently un-supported channels owned and maintained by them directly into a campaign. This enables messaging scenarios across channels managed under Pinpoint (mobile push, email, and SMS), and channels owned by customers such as in-widget messaging or in-product messaging. To learn more about Pinpoint Extensions DELIVERY mode click here

Customers can use FILTER mode to tailor Pinpoint campaigns by enabling modification of the campaign's segment at campaign execution. This mode enables messaging scenarios on existing push, email, and SMS where customers can define sub-segmentation criteria or enhance the campaign message using attribute data added to endpoint in real-time using the Lambda function. Learn more about Pinpoint Extensions FILTER mode click here

Amazon Pinpoint is available in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region. For more information, see Getting Started with Amazon Pinpoint.