Posted On: Dec 5, 2017

Beginning today, you can use the Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming API to automate the registration of microservices in DNS. The new API simplifies the management of DNS names and health checks for microservices that run on top of AWS when microservices scale up and down.

Previously, to keep track of the names and locations of microservice fleets that scale up and down in real time, you had two choices. Either you had to maintain custom scripts to directly control DNS records and health checks, or you had to deploy and manage third-party software. Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming abstracts away the complexity of managing DNS and health checks by providing a set of APIs for service naming configuration and service instance management.

Now, when a new service instance is registered, you can access it by making a simple DNS query for the service name. Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming uses the multivalue answer routing type, which returns up to eight records in each response to a DNS query. If you defined a health check for the service, Amazon Route 53 returns only the records associated with healthy endpoints. You can also verify the health status of service instances via API.

To learn more about Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming, please see our documentation and product page.

Amazon Route 53 Auto Naming is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and EU (Ireland) regions.