Posted On: Feb 27, 2018

Developers can now use push notifications in React Native apps by uploading developer credentials for iOS and Android in AWS Mobile Hub. The notifications to React Native apps can be sent by any push-service provider. In addition, customers using Amazon Pinpoint will benefit from built-in support for analytics, which provides valuable campaign information such as delivery rates and percentage of users opening the app after receiving the notification. 

AWS Amplify also adds support for Authorization features such as login with Federated Identities and custom user attributes for Amazon Cognito. Federated Identity support enables developers to integrate Google, Facebook and Amazon social login to their JavaScript based web applications.

Additional features introduced in this release of AWS Amplify include a customizable Authenticator component for React, support for custom domains and regional endpoints with Amazon API Gateway, and improvements to type definitions for Typescript.

Read more about using push notifications and federated identities in AWS Amplify developer guide.

AWS Mobile Hub enables you to select the region in which your project's resources will be created. For more information about AWS regions, see Regions and Endpoints