Announcing Gluon Support for AWS DeepLens

Posted on: Mar 8, 2018

Today, we are excited to announce that customers can deploy Gluon models to their AWS DeepLens device. Gluon, is an open source deep learning interface which allows developers of all skill levels to prototype, build, train and deploy sophisticated machine learning models for the cloud, devices at the edge and mobile apps. 

With Gluon, developers can build machine learning models using a simple Python API and a range of pre-built, optimized neural network components. This makes it easier for developers to build neural networks using simple, concise code, without sacrificing training performance. 

Gluon makes building new computer vision models easy; just create your model in SageMaker, and with a single click deploy it to your DeepLens, where the model optimizer will automatically optimize it for the best performance on the device. You can get started with a wide range of computer vision tutorials for Gluon, including full notebooks ready to run on SageMaker: 

  • Convolutional Deep Neural Networks
  • Object detection using convolutional neural networks
  • Visual Question Answering in Gluon

To learn more about Gluon support for AWS DeepLens, please read the blog post on this topic. To learn more about Gluon visit the AWS Machine learning blog. Read the AWS DeepLens Gluon documentation for more information on this feature, and try it though the AWS DeepLens console. To learn more about AWS DeepLens and pre-order your device, visit the AWS DeepLens website.

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