Posted On: May 10, 2018

Amazon GameLift helps you quickly deploy, scale, and manage dedicated game servers in the cloud at a low cost and deliver low-latency, multiplayer game experiences globally. Typical multiplayer games use only 50% of their peak server capacity on average, meaning that half of the time the game servers have no active players. To reduce wasted capacity and costs, Amazon GameLift can automatically turn off game servers when they are not needed and add new game servers when more players arrive, based on rules you set.

Starting today, with the introduction of Target Tracking, we’ve added a new autoscaling option that makes it much easier for you to get the best performance from autoscaling, without needing to define a complex set of rules.

Amazon GameLift Target Tracking removes the need to create complex autoscaling rulesets and helps you optimize available server capacity by allowing you to simply set a target for the steady-state percentage of available game sessions. Target Tracking adds or removes server capacity as needed to keep available game sessions at the target percentage you specified, and adjusts to fluctuating load patterns to minimize rapid fluctuations in capacity.