Posted On: Jun 13, 2018

Starting today, you can use AWS Cost Explorer to quickly identify the savings associated with your Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Redshift, and Amazon ElastiCache reservations.

Using the Cost Explorer RI Utilization report, you can monitor your RI utilization for each service and view your potential and net RI savings at the level of detail that best suits your needs—from a comprehensive view of all reservations within a service to a detailed view of an individual reservation. In addition, to better contextualize your savings, the report provides the On-Demand cost equivalent that would have been incurred for the same usage, as well as the total effective cost of your reservations based on your amortized upfront fees and recurring charges.

Additionally, information about your On-Demand costs is now available via the Cost Explorer RI Coverage Report. Using this report, you can quickly pinpoint under-covered instances, which can indicate opportunities for additional savings.

Please note that savings information can also be accessed programmatically via the AWS Cost Explorer API.

To access AWS Cost Explorer, go here. To learn more about managing and monitoring your RIs, please access the Reserved Instance Reporting webpage or refer to the Creating and Saving Custom Reports user guide.