Posted On: Jul 10, 2018

Build scripts for the optimized Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) worker nodes are now available on

Previously, to provision worker nodes as part of an Amazon EKS cluster, you had to use the Amazon EKS-optimized AMI. This made it difficult to customize how components including Kubelet, Docker, and the AWS IAM Authenticator for Kubernetes were configured.

Now, bash build scripts and a HashiCorp Packer template are available in a GitHub repository. This makes it easy to customize your own EKS-compatible AMI and you can follow the repository to track any changes that are made to the EKS-optimized AMI configuration.

Additionally, the GitHub repository contains EKS worker node AWS CloudFormation templates which make it simple to spin up an instance running the Amazon EKS-optimized AMI and register it with an EKS cluster. The templates contain Amazon EC2 user data that runs at boot time to configure your instance to connect to EKS.

To learn more, visit the amazon-eks-ami GitHub repository. Learn about how to configure and launch EKS worker nodes in the Amazon EKS documentation.

Please visit the AWS region table to see all AWS regions where Amazon EKS is available.