Posted On: Jul 17, 2018

Today, AWS AppSync has released a new flow for provisioning a GraphQL endpoint. Customers can now model logical types and automatically create resolvers along with Amazon DynamoDB tables without needing to first write a GraphQL schema. The process includes a new query and filtering system that allows logical comparisons (greater than, contains, etc.) against fields in a schema without requiring any coding from the developer.

AppSync also now supports HTTP endpoints as data sources, in addition to existing support for DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and Lambda. This enables customers to use their existing backend services that use REST APIs with AppSync to leverage the power of GraphQL interfaces.

AWS AppSync also has added support for enhanced GraphQL scalar types such as email addresses, phone numbers, JSON objects, and more. This functionality allows customers to perform validation for common use cases on a per-field level, and results can be passed through and stored inside your data source of choice.

In addition to these new schema features, the AWS AppSync console includes new sample templates for building chat applications and fine grained user authentication. For, advanced customers editing resolvers new autocomplete functionality is built into the console code editor for a richer developer experience.

Finally, the frontend JavaScript developer experience has been enhanced by providing an SDK abstraction layer in the client cache management, automatically merging realtime data feeds into query results for seamless UI updates and a single line of code when performing offline data updates.

Learn more about these features in the AWS AppSync Developer Guide. Link here.