Posted On: Aug 27, 2018

Available today, in addition to a JavaScript library, AWS Amplify now provides a complete CLI (Command Line Interface) Toolchain for developing mobile and web applications in the cloud with Serverless backend components. These features allow developers to build, customize, and deploy applications in a familiar, category-based style with architectural best-practices built in.

The Amplify CLI supports iOS, Android, and JavaScript projects, offering workflows and configuration specific to each platform. This includes project initialization and adding features such as user management, analytics, and APIs backed by storage such as Amazon S3 or DynamoDB. Adding a feature generates both platform-specific configuration for the frontend and a CloudFormation template for the backend. Content hosting for Serverless websites or asset management in mobile applications is also available out of the box including integration with Amazon CloudFront.

The CLI includes a “GraphQL Transformer” which allows developers to build an AWS AppSync API simply by using a data model. Developers add simple annotations (@auth, @searchable) on their data model which are then dynamically converted to AWS AppSync deployments backed by Amazon Cognito, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Additionally, the CLI has a toolchain for interacting with GraphQL APIs and generation of code for strongly typed languages such as Swift and Typescript. This process can be automated as part of application development cycles.

Finally, both the CLI and the GraphQL Transformer support custom plug-ins allowing you to add your own logic to the workflows. This functionality allows developers to customize behavior to their needs, either for bespoke activities or enhancing the base library feature set. Customers can leverage the CLI and plug-in models for one time development or as part of CI/CD processes.

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