Posted On: Oct 23, 2018

Amazon RDS for MySQL now supports MySQL Community Edition major version 8.0 in all AWS Regions. MySQL 8.0 is the latest major version release and offers new query functionality and enhancements for better performance, reliability, security, manageability, and international and mobile support. Highlights in MySQL 8.0 include:

  • Window Functions and Common Table Expressions (WITH queries) to reduce query complexity.
  • JSON: Functions for converting JSON to relational tables, merging JSON objects, and aggregation; utilities for sizing and printing JSON objects; support for range expressions and the ‘-->’ operator; and higher performance for partial in-place updates and sorting.
  • GIS: Spatial datatypes, indexes, and functions to support 5108 different Spatial Reference Systems, including 4628 projections (flat maps), 479 geographic (ellipsoidal) representations of Earth, and one Cartesian all-purpose abstract plane.
  • Performance: 2x higher performance versus MySQL 5.7; InnoDB performance optimizations for read-write, IO-bound, and high-contention “hot spot” workloads; replication performance improvements; descending indexes; invisible indexes; cost model improvements to account for contents of the buffer pool; and Resource Groups to allow users to control and prioritize resource usage by workload.
  • Reliability: Atomic, crash-safe Data Definition Language (DDL) operations; and a unified, transactional data dictionary for metadata.
  • Security: Roles, which are named collections of privileges, for granting and denying permissions to groups of users; support for password strength and password reuse policies; and use of OpenSSL as the default TLS/SSL library.
  • Manageability: Instant ADD COLUMN DDL operations; and Performance Schema, Information Schema, Configuration Variables, and Error Logging improvements for enhanced observability.
  • International and mobile support: utf8mb4 as the default character set.

To learn more about Amazon RDS for MySQL 8.0 and how to upgrade your database instances, please refer to the Amazon RDS User Guide. Launch a new Amazon RDS for MySQL 8.0 database instance or upgrade your current instance with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console.