Posted On: Oct 19, 2018

Starting today, it's even easier for you and your users to find the content you need in Amazon WorkDocs with Smart Search. WorkDocs Smart Search lets you query across content, comments, and document labels in addition to searching for files and folders by name.

To get started, access WorkDocs in your web browser and enter the desired search term in the search box in the top navigation bar. Hitting 'Enter' or clicking the magnifying glass search icon will automatically search all content to which you have access across file names, content types, comments, and labels. Results will display as a sorted list, with folders listed before files.

You can use the Advanced button in the search bar to further refine your search. Advanced search can scope your search by location of files, limit the time and date range, and specifying file types. Results will display as they would with a regular search, but with your additional parameters applied.

This new search experience is immediately available to all WorkDocs customers. No user or administrator action is required to activate it. Discover more about WorkDocs, or sign up for a 30-day trial today.