Posted On: Oct 18, 2018

Today we are announcing Amazon WorkSpaces PowerPro bundles that provide customers even more powerful cloud desktops to run resource-intensive Linux and Windows desktop workloads. PowerPro bundles come with 8 vCPUs and 32 GiB RAM. PowerPro bundles are available with flexible volume storage ranging from an 80 GB root and 100 GB user volume configuration to 1 TB volumes each.

With PowerPro bundles, developers, scientists, analysts, and engineers can comfortably run CPU and memory-intensive applications using their WorkSpace. Developers can run large compile and development jobs using applications like Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and Eclipse. Engineers and scientists can run complex simulations using tools like MatLab, R, and Octave. You can co-locate large data sets in AWS with your PowerPro WorkSpace to take advantage of AWS high-speed networks for faster modeling and data analysis. With pay as you go pricing and on-demand scaling, PowerPro WorkSpaces are an ideal replacement for expensive physical workstations. 

PowerPro bundles are available today in all regions where Amazon WorkSpaces is available. You can launch new PowerPro bundles by selecting the PowerPro bundle in the Amazon WorkSpaces console, or through the Amazon WorkSpaces APIs. With a simple reboot, you can upgrade your existing WorkSpaces bundle to the new PowerPro bundle in the Amazon WorkSpaces Management Console, or through the Amazon WorkSpaces APIs. To get started, log sign in to the Amazon WorkSpaces Management Console. For more information, please visit the Amazon WorkSpaces website.