Posted On: Oct 24, 2018

The new AWS Budgets console provides simplified budget creation workflows, contextual AWS Cost Explorer integration, and an enhanced Budgets dashboard.

Using the simplified budget creation workflow, you can now directly access your historical data via the newly-integrated AWS Cost Explorer chart, making it easy to identify the appropriate budget amount to set -- all without having to leave the context of AWS Budgets. For example, while creating a cost budget, you can filter your data to view only your Amazon EC2 costs in the US East (N. Virginia) region. The embedded AWS Cost Explorer chart will automatically update to show those historical and month-to-date costs, allowing you to identify and set an appropriate budget amount and associated alert thresholds. Once you have created your budgets, you can monitor them using the enhanced AWS Budgets dashboard and the new budget detail pages. These new detail pages provide an overview of your budget status and have also been enhanced with AWS Cost Explorer information for additional insight into your budgets.

Please note that all AWS Budgets functionality can be accessed programmatically via the AWS Budgets API.

To learn more about using AWS Budgets, you can go to the AWS Budgets webpage or refer to the Managing Your Costs with Budgets user guide.