Amazon Lightsail Now Supports Resource Tagging

Posted on: Nov 28, 2018

Starting today, you can now add tagging to your Lightsail resources, including virtual servers, managed databases, load balancers, block storage, snapshots, and DNS zones. Lightsail tags allow you to easily organize your projects, create cost allocation reports for billing, and enable access control for your resources.

By adding tags to resources, you can easily filter your dashboard views to only display resources with a specific tag - allowing you to organize your resources and see all related resources, at a glance. By using tags and cost allocation reports, you can split out your bill so that it's easy to understand your costs. You can also use tags to create IAM policies that will limit access to Lightsail resources, allowing you to more easily collaborate without needing to give access to all resources in your Lightsail account.

You can use Lightsail's tagging feature in the Lightsail console or API in all regions where Lightsail is available. To learn more about adding tags to Lightsail resources, go here.