Posted On: Nov 16, 2018

You can now use Amazon Pinpoint to convert text scripts into life-like speech. Amazon Pinpoint can then deliver these voice messages to your customers over the phone. This feature is a great way to deliver transactional messages, such as one-time passwords, appointment reminders, and order confirmations, to customers. 

Phone calls offer several advantages over other channels: they're highly reliable, very extensible, and just about everybody has a phone number. The addition of voice messages to Pinpoint’s existing email, SMS, and push notifications channels provides you with even more flexibility in delivering the right message at the right place for your users.  

You can create your messages in dozens of languages and customize your messages by including personalized content. You can further customize messages by controlling volume, changing pronunciation, emphasizing key words, and more.

Amazon Pinpoint Voice is available in the US East (N. Virginia) and EU (Ireland) regions. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint Voice API reference and the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.