Posted On: Nov 15, 2018

Today, we are announcing support for Domain Name System (DNS) resolution over Inter-Region Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering. You can now resolve DNS hostnames to private IP addresses when queried from a peered VPC in another AWS Region. Using DNS names to access resources makes application development and management simpler and less error-prone. By using DNS resolution over Inter-Region VPC Peering, resources in peered VPCs in another AWS Region are always accessed over the Inter-Region VPC Peering connection.

Inter-Region VPC Peering allows VPC resources running in different AWS Regions, such as EC2 instances, RDS databases, and Lambda functions, to communicate with each other using private IP addresses, without requiring gateways, VPN connections, or separate network appliances. Built on the same scalable, redundant, and highly available technology that powers VPCs today, Inter-Region VPC Peering encrypts inter-region traffic with no single point of failure or bandwidth bottleneck. Traffic using Inter-Region VPC Peering always stays on the AWS global network and never traverses the public internet. This approach reduces the attack surface to threat vectors, such as common exploits and DDoS attacks.

You can enable DNS resolution for Inter-Region VPC Peering using the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI). For more information, see DNS Resolution Support for Peering Connections.

For more information on VPC Peering, see our documentation.