Posted On: Nov 27, 2018

Today, we are announcing the preview availability of ML Insights for Amazon QuickSight. ML Insights allows customers to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, forecast future results, and summarize their data in easy-to-understand, natural language narratives, without spending countless hours on manual analysis and investigation. With ML-powered anomaly detection, customers can continuously analyze their data across billions of data points to uncover hidden insights that are often buried in aggregates, not visible in plain sight, and are not scalable with manual analysis. With ML-powered forecasting, non-technical business users can now predict their key business metrics with point and click simplicity. Finally, we're announcing auto-narratives, a new feature that automatically delivers insights in plain language, embedded contextually in the dashboard, allowing customers to create a shared understanding of data across the organization, without interpreting complex visualizations. You don't need any ML, excel modeling, or domain expertise to use these features. Read our blog post to learn more about these features.

ML Insights is now available for preview. Simply sign up for the preview here.