Posted On: Nov 28, 2018

AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog, announced that you can now find and procure hundreds of machine learning algorithms and model packages in AWS Marketplace and deploy them directly on Amazon SageMaker. You can choose from free and paid algorithms and models that span across a broad range of popular categories such as computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, text, data, voice, image, video analysis, predictive analysis, and more.

To assess the suitability of an algorithm or model, you can review product descriptions, usage instructions, customer reviews, sample Jupyter notebooks, pricing, and support information before you purchase. You can also deploy algorithms and models with a few clicks directly from the Amazon SageMaker console, through a Jupyter notebook, or with the Amazon SageMaker SDK or AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). AWS Marketplace provides static scans, network isolations, validation, and catalog curation on algorithms and models for Amazon SageMaker to help keep your data secure.

This experience is powered by AWS Marketplace, enabling you to benefit from features such as seamless deployment and consolidated billing.

At launch, AWS Marketplace includes algorithms and models from: AWS Gluon Model Zoos, Cloudwick, Deep Vision AI, Figure Eight, H2O, Intel, Knowledgent, Modjoul, Persistent Systems, Sensifai, and more with new sellers being added regularly.

Visit here to learn more and see all algorithms and models available in AWS Marketplace.