Posted On: Nov 28, 2018

Today we announced Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) in public preview. Amazon MSK is a fully managed, highly available, and secure service that makes it easy for developers and DevOps managers to run applications on Apache Kafka in the AWS Cloud without needing Apache Kafka infrastructure management expertise. Amazon MSK operates highly available Apache Kafka clusters, provides security features out of the box, is fully compatible with open-source versions of Apache Kafka allowing existing applications to migrate without code changes, and has built-in AWS integrations that accelerate application development.

Attend a webinar to learn more about Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK).

Getting started with Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka is easy. Within the AWS management console, CLI, or SDK, provide your subnets you want an Amazon MSK cluster to privately connect to, specify the broker quantity and storage you need per broker, and create your Apache Kafka cluster.

With Amazon MSK there are no upfront commitments or minimum fees. You pay as you go for broker instance and storage usage. Broker instances start at $0.21/hr and broker storage is $0.10 per GB-month. In-cluster data transfer and a fully managed, highly available Apache Zookeeper cluster are included with every Apache Kafka cluster at no additional cost.

Amazon MSK supports Apache Kafka version 1.1.1, and offers Amazon EC2 M5 instances as Apache Kafka brokers. Visit the Amazon MSK webpage to learn more.

Amazon MSK is available in public preview in the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region.