Posted On: Feb 26, 2019

Starting today, Amazon Relational Database (RDS) for Oracle supports integration with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for data ingress and egress capabilities. This feature allows RDS Oracle customers to easily, efficiently and securely transfer data between their RDS Oracle DB Instances and Amazon S3. 

Previously, data transfers from an RDS Oracle DB Instance required an additional DB Instance and a networking link between the two DB Instances. With Amazon S3 Integration, you can now use the RDS Oracle DB instance to transfer files to or from Amazon S3 using new RDS Oracle procedures.

With Amazon S3 Integration, you can perform data ingress with Oracle Data Pump to migrate workloads into your RDS Oracle DB Instance. After exporting your data from your source instance, you upload your Data Pump files to your Amazon S3 bucket. You can then copy the files from your S3 bucket to the RDS Oracle host and finally use the DBMS_DATAPUMP package to import your data into the target RDS Oracle DB Instance.  

With Amazon S3 Integration, you can also perform data egress out of your RDS Oracle DB instance. First, back up the data locally on the RDS Oracle host. This local backup can either be an Oracle RMAN backup or Oracle Data Pump export of the database. Once these files are created locally, you can copy the files to the S3 bucket. Optionally, you can move these backups from Amazon S3 to Amazon S3 Glacier for long term storage that complements your automated backup strategy. By using this method, you can satisfy regulatory requirements for storing database backups in an off-site location and, at the same time, cost effectively support your long-term retention policies.

Amazon S3 Integration supports both Oracle Data Pump and Oracle RMAN for data egress. Amazon S3 Integration also allows Oracle Data Pump for data ingress. Data is encrypted at rest using Amazon S3 server-side encryption, which can use Amazon S3 provided keys or your own encryption keys provided via AWS Key Management Service (KMS). Data is encrypted in transit as well.

Amazon S3 Integration for RDS Oracle is free and is supported in all commercial regions where Amazon RDS for Oracle is available. To learn more, please visit the Integrating Amazon RDS for Oracle and Amazon S3 documentation page.

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