Posted On: Feb 22, 2019

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams enables developers to use its fully-managed HLS capability for synchronized audio video (AV) playback and also output HLS streams in MPEG-TS container format. Developers can now ingest both audio and video in a single multi-track Kinesis Video stream and use HLS APIs to deliver pre-segmented files and playlists in fragmented MP4 (fMP4) and MPEG-TS container formats for playback on compatible mobile and web players.

As an increasing number of camera-enabled devices now include a microphone, developers want to ingest both audio and video data in a Kinesis Video stream and build player applications for synchronized AV playback. Developers can now enable this capability by ingesting both video (H.264) and audio (AAC) in a single multi-track Kinesis Video stream. As the media is ingested, developers can then use KVS HLS APIs to playback the ingested media in both live and on-demand mode. Kinesis Video Streams now also allows developers to deliver media in both fMP4 and MPEG-TS as the HLS output container, increasing compatibility with earlier generation platforms such as iOS9.

Please refer to the producer integration guide and the developer documentation to learn more about ingesting audio and video data in a single Kinesis Video stream.  

Refer to the AWS global region table for regional availability.