Posted On: Feb 11, 2019

The Amplify CLI, part of the Amplify Framework, now supports multiple environments and teams by offering a Git style workflow for creating and switching between environments for your Amplify project. When you work on a project within a team, you can create isolated backends per developer or alternatively share backends across developers, including to those outside your organization.

New support for IAM roles and MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) enables customers to use an IAM role, with or without MFA enabled, and access AWS resources managed by the Amplify Framework. This helps enforce AWS security best practices and controls across your organization.

Custom resolvers for AWS AppSync enable you to write resolver logic and attach data sources such as Amazon DynamoDB tables, Amazon Elasticsearch Service domains, or HTTP endpoint that were provisioned independently of the Amplify GraphQL Transformer. This can be completely achieved without needing to go to the AppSync console or deploy your own CloudFormation stacks with a separate deployment process.

Customers can now add more than 150 models as a part of the GraphQL Transformer schema, up from 15 models in the previous version of the Amplify Framework. Custom resolvers can be defined directly from the local Amplify project and pushed up using this new functionality.

To learn more about Amplify Framework, please visit our documentation. For more details about these features, refer to our blog post.