Posted On: Mar 6, 2019

Today we are announcing the general availability of the new AWS Direct Connect console to users in all AWS Regions, except China. The redesigned AWS Direct Connect console provides a new user interface and a streamlined user experience.

AWS Direct Connect began as a regional service, each location provided access to a single associated AWS Region. With the launch of Direct Connect gateway, customers gained the ability to access any AWS Region (except AWS Regions in China) from any AWS Direct Connect location.

The launch of the new AWS Direct Connect console completes the transformation of AWS Direct Connect into a truly global service. It gives you a redesigned interface from which you can create and manage AWS Direct Connect connections at any AWS Direct Connect location, excluding those in China. The revamped AWS Direct Connect console makes information about your AWS Direct Connect connections, link aggregation groups, Direct Connect gateways, virtual private gateways, and virtual interfaces across AWS Regions readily accessible in one place.

You can access the new AWS Direct Connect console here. For more information about AWS Direct Connect, please read the user guide.