AWS Amplify Console Adds Support for Instant CDN Cache Invalidation and Delta Deployments

Posted on: Mar 7, 2019

The Amplify Console now supports instant cache invalidation, which enables you to deploy updates to your single page or static web app instantly—without giving up the performance benefits of content delivery network (CDN) caching. If you missed our re:Invent launch, the Amplify Console provides a complete workflow for developing, continuously deploying, and hosting single page web apps or static sites with serverless backends via a content delivery network, or CDN. A CDN is a network of distributed servers that cache files at edge locations across the world enabling high-performance static hosting.

Previously, updating content on the CDN required manually invalidating the cache and waiting 15-20 minutes for changes to propagate globally. To make frequent updates, developers find workarounds such as setting lower time-to-live (TTLs) on asset headers which enables faster updates, but adversely impacts performance. With this release, Amplify Console users no longer have to make a tradeoff between faster deployments and faster performance. On every commit code to your repository, the Amplify Console builds and deploys changes to the CDN that are viewable immediately in the browser.

Additionally, the Amplify Console supports delta deployments ensuring only assets that are modified during each build are deployed. This feature significantly speeds up deployment times for users with very large sites.

To learn more about this feature, check out our launch blog, or get started immediately here.