Posted On: Mar 12, 2019

Traditional extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools are complex to use, and can take months to implement, test, and deploy. After the ETL jobs are built, maintaining them can be time consuming because data formats and schemas change frequently and new data sources need to be added. Migrating ETL jobs to a fully managed, serverless ETL service like AWS Glue helps lower the operational overhead associated with managing complex ETL jobs. AWS Glue makes it easy to schedule recurring ETL jobs, chain multiple jobs together, or invoke jobs on-demand from other services like AWS Lambda. 

With the latest version of AWS Schema Conversion Tool (Build 624), you can now migrate Oracle ETL jobs to AWS Glue based ETL that will work with your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. You can automatically create an AWS Glue Data Catalog which is an index to the location, schema, and runtime metrics of your data. Once ETL migration is done, you can use SCT Data Extraction Agents to run data migrations from any of our supported data warehouse sources to Amazon Redshift and start modernizing your data stores.

For more details and information on SCT availability, visit our documentation.