Posted On: Apr 4, 2019

Amazon Redshift automatically takes incremental snapshots (backups) of your data every 8 hours or 5 GB per node of data change. You now get more information and control over a snapshot including the ability to control the automatic snapshot's schedule.

Amazon Redshift now provides the ability to:

  1. View snapshots that are not associated to any cluster so you can remove unnecessary snapshots
  2. Bulk-delete snapshots to allow you to quickly delete unnecessary snapshots and reduce your S3 storage needs
  3. Control your cluster's automatic snapshot schedule using the snapshot scheduler. The snapshot schedule can be configured with a cron style granularity via an API or with the AWS Management Console. You can create a schedule and attach the schedule to your cluster to have full control of when automated snapshots are taken. 

For more information, see Snapshot scheduler in the Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide. Refer to the AWS Region Table for Amazon Redshift availability.