Posted On: Apr 29, 2019

You can now set the minimum capacity of your Aurora Serverless DB clusters to 1 Aurora Capacity Unit (ACU). With Aurora Serverless, you specify the minimum and maximum ACUs for your Aurora Serverless DB cluster instead of provisioning and managing database instances. Each ACU is a combination of processing and memory capacity. By setting the minimum capacity to 1 ACU, you can keep your Aurora Serverless DB cluster running at a lower cost.  

Aurora Serverless now allows you to specify how a capacity change is applied to your DB cluster. By default, Aurora Serverless finds a point at which the capacity change is non-disruptive to your application. If it is unable to find a point, the capacity change is timed out and discarded. You can now choose to apply capacity changes even when a scaling point is not found. If you opt to forcibly apply capacity changes, active connections to your database may get dropped. This configuration could be used to more readily scale capacity of your Aurora Serverless DB clusters if your application is resilient to connection drops.

Use the AWS management console or download the latest AWS SDK or CLI to access these new Aurora Serverless configurations. Refer our documentation for more information.