Posted On: Apr 5, 2019

The Amplify CLI, part of the Amplify Framework, now includes support for configuring OAuth 2.0 Authorization Flows and enabling the Amazon Cognito Hosted UI. This enables you to setup federation between social identity providers such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google with Amazon Cognito User Pools. The federation is achieved using OAuth 2.0 flows, which can be performed through Hosted UI or your application code (using the endpoints directly). Previously, developers had to go to the Amazon Cognito console to set this up and construct the proper application configurations manually in their web or mobile applications.

In addition, new commands in the Amplify CLI make it easier to configure Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) scenes from Amazon Sumerian for your mobile and web applications. The commands enable you to add authorization for your scenes using Amazon Cognito and IAM.

This release also adds options to the Storage and API categories for setting up fine-grained CRUD style permissions on Amazon S3 and Amazon API Gateway, respectively. This functionality supports both authenticated and unauthenticated application workflows. Previously, developers could add only read/write permissions for these categories.


To learn more about Amplify Framework, please visit our documentation. For more details about these features, refer to our blog post.