Posted On: Apr 17, 2019

Starting today, Amplify Framework includes support for adding Amazon Aurora Serverless as a data source for your AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs when building mobile and web applications. This enables developers to use the Amplify CLI, part of the Amplify Framework, to generate a GraphQL API with auto-generated schema and resolvers that works with an existing Aurora Serverless database. Previously, developers had to setup an AWS Lambda function to use Aurora Serverless as a data source for a GraphQL API.

The GraphQL Transform library, included in the Amplify CLI, provides a simple abstraction that helps developers quickly create scalable web and mobile backends on AWS. This release adds features to the GraphQL Transform Library that enable developers to provide fine-grained access control across their APIs by configuring authorization rules for top level and individual fields. In addition, developers can configure access to connected fields inside a model, or those that represent relationships between data. Previously, access rules were only applied to top-level fields and there was no way to configure access to individual and connected fields.

This release also allows developers using the Amplify JavaScript library to trigger OAuth flows in their web applications with a single line of code. Developers can choose between using Amazon Cognito Hosted UI or their own UI while still having the ability to federate with User Pools and get AWS credentials to access their resources.

To learn more about AWS Amplify, please visit our documentation. For more details about these features, refer to our blog post.