Posted On: Apr 29, 2019

Customers who need to run Amazon EC2 workloads on AWS Snowball Edge devices can now attach multiple persistent block storage volumes to their Amazon EC2 instances. With both block and object storage options on Snowball Edge, you have flexibility to deploy a wider set of applications in rugged, temporary or mobile environments that have limited or no network connectivity.

For latency-sensitive applications such as machine learning, you can deploy a performance-optimized SSD volume (sbp1). Performance optimized volumes on the Snowball Edge Compute Optimized device use NVMe SSD, and on the Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device they use SATA SSD. Alternatively, you can use capacity-optimized HDD volumes (sbg1) on any Snowball Edge.

Starting today, block storage is available on all new device orders in all regions where AWS Snowball Edge is available. To use block storage, you use the Amazon EBS API to create and attach your preferred storage volumes to Amazon EC2 instances that you have pre-loaded on your Snowball Edge devices.

To learn more, see the Snowball Edge web page, documentation or you can get started with AWS Snowball Edge in the AWS console.