Now you can tag Amazon DynamoDB tables when you create them

Posted on: Apr 26, 2019

You can now tag Amazon DynamoDB tables when you create them. Tags are labels you can attach to AWS resources to make them easier to manage, search, and filter.

Previously, you would create DynamoDB tables, but you had to wait before you could tag them. Waiting resulted in tables that did not benefit from tagging—for a short or long period, depending on when and if you remembered to tag them. Now, you can tag DynamoDB tables when you create them, which means you can track these resources throughout their lifecycle. The tags you specify for a table are applied automatically to the indexes associated with the table.

You can use tags to categorize tables based on their purpose, owner, environment, and other criteria. For example, you can use tags to organize your resources in the AWS Management Console or to break down your AWS costs by tags using the AWS Cost and Usage report.

You can tag DynamoDB tables by using the DynamoDB console, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or the CreateTable API. To learn more about DynamoDB tagging and its benefits, see Tagging for DynamoDB.