Posted On: Apr 9, 2019

Amazon Web Services today announced the availability of a replatforming assistant for Microsoft SQL Server, a new scripting tool that makes it easier to modernize existing SQL Server workloads from Windows to Linux and save on Windows licensing costs.

You can use the replatforming assistant with any Windows Server virtual machines (VMs) hosted in the cloud or on-premises environment running SQL Server 2008 and above. The tool checks for common incompatibilities, exports database(s) from the Windows VM, and imports into an EC2 instance running SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu 16.04. The entire process is performed in an automated manner, resulting in a ready-to-use Linux VM configured with your selected SQL Server database(s) so that you can easily start experimenting and testing your applications.

To learn more about the replatforming assistant, visit the documentation page. To learn more about the support for Microsoft SQL Server in AWS, visit