Posted On: May 30, 2019

AWS IoT Things Graph is a fully managed service that makes it easier and faster to build IoT applications by visually connecting different devices and web services with little to no code. IoT applications are being built today using a variety of devices and web services to automate tasks for a rapidly expanding range of use cases like smart homes, manufacturing, and energy management. With AWS IoT Things Graph, customers can focus on the logic and functionality of their smart home or industrial IoT applications instead of dealing with the low-level details of integrating devices and services.

AWS IoT Things Graph reduces the time required to make devices and services work together by providing a visual way to represent complex real-world systems. With AWS IoT Things Graph, you can represent these devices and web services as reusable components called models. These models allow you to hide the low level details such a protocols, data formats and interfaces of your underlying devices and services while exposing their states, actions, and events as APIs. Next, using a drag-and-drop interface, you can visually wire together your models and their interactions to quickly design multi-step automation applications.

Once built, you can now deploy and run your custom application in the AWS Cloud or on your AWS IoT Greengrass-enabled local gateway with just a few clicks. AWS IoT Things Graph will coordinate the interactions between your devices and web services, including any necessary protocol translation or unit conversion. Once live, you can also monitor your application and troubleshoot issues to ensure that it is running as expected.

With AWS IoT Things Graph, developers can quickly build and deploy complex applications that automate home security, connect devices to an ERP systems for supply chain analysis, link an office tower’s HVAC system to weather data services to reduce energy costs, and much more. AWS customers like Reliance Steel & Aluminum Company and Opto 22, as well as partners TensorIoT and [x]Cube are already leveraging AWS IoT Things Graph to deploy robust, multi-component solutions that scale seamlessly from a handful to millions of devices while being managed in a single view.

AWS IoT Things Graph is now generally available in 5 regions - US East (Northern VA), US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), APAC (Sydney), and APAC (Tokyo). To learn more and get started, please visit the AWS IoT Things Graph product webpage. To get started with AWS IoT Things Graph, visit the AWS Management console.