Posted On: May 14, 2019

NOTE: This Quick Start is no longer available. See the Quick Start home page for our latest Quick Start catalog. 


Updated On: November 4, 2019  

This Quick Start has been modified to deploy IBM InfoSphere DataStage on a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster. To learn more about the underlying OpenShift architecture and components on which IBM InfoSphere DataStage Quick Start is based, see the Red Hat OpenShift on AWS Quick Start.

This Quick Start automatically deploys IBM InfoSphere DataStage on a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster into a new or existing virtual private cloud (VPC) on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud in about 2 hours.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage enables users to access data for business requirements, connect multiple data sources and targets, and integrate and transform large data volumes, to prepare data for insights. 

Key benefits of deploying IBM InfoSphere DataStage on AWS include:

  • Scalability in a containerized, highly available architecture.
  • Wide range of transformations for simple and complex integration tasks.
  • High performance through enterprise-grade, parallel processing framework.

To get started:

  • View the architecture and details
  • View the deployment guide for step-by-step instructions
  • Download the AWS CloudFormation templates that automate the deployment

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Quick Starts are automated reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS, following AWS best practices.

This Quick Start was built by IBM in collaboration with AWS solutions architects. IBM is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner.