Posted On: Jun 10, 2019

You can now add dynamic labels to your Amazon CloudWatch charts that provide richer context on your dashboards, helping you to more quickly identify anomalies in system health and performance. Dynamic labels provide data summaries over the time window represented in the chart and update automatically as the chart is refreshed. For example, adding the average and maximum dynamic labels for a CPU utilization metric across multiple EC2 resources can help you identify anomalies at a glance. The initial set of dynamic labels includes AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX and LAST, with more to follow.

It's easy to get started with dynamic labels through the Amazon CloudWatch console. From the Metrics tab, just search for metrics and select the metrics to graph. Once metrics have been selected, click the Graphed Metrics tab and you will see the dynamic labels dropdown above the graphed metrics table. Select from the dropdown to automatically add a dynamic label to the selected metric.

Dynamic labels are now available in all AWS public regions, including AWS GovCloud. To learn more, see the documentation on using dynamic labels in graphs.