Posted On: Jun 13, 2019

You can now use a single reader endpoint to connect to your Redis read replicas. Until today, to easily connect to your read replicas you had to manage multiple endpoints at the application level. The new feature allows you to direct all read traffic to your ElastiCache for Redis cluster through a single, cluster-level endpoint.

A reader endpoint will split incoming connections to the endpoint between all read replicas in a Redis cluster. Reader endpoints keep up with cluster changes in real-time as replicas are added or removed. You can place your Redis cluster’s multiple read replicas in different AWS Availability Zones (AZ) to ensure high availability of reader endpoints.

Reader endpoints are available today in all AWS regions and are free of charge. Reader endpoints work with ElastiCache for Redis clusters with cluster-mode disabled. For Redis clusters with cluster-mode enabled, customers can use Redis clients such as Redisson that support periodic topology discovery of read replicas. For more information, see the ElastiCache for Redis developer guide.