Posted On: Jun 18, 2019

Amazon Lightsail is happy to announce a partnership with GoDaddy’s Pro Sites product to help WordPress customers easily manage their instances for free. Amazon Lightsail takes out the learning curve of creating a WordPress website at AWS.  

Designed as a simplified cloud experience, Lightsail provides the key components you need to deploy your website and web applications, including: virtual servers, networking options, load balancers, managed databases and access to other AWS services. All within a single, easy-to-manage console. Lightsail WordPress virtual servers are preconfigured and optimized for fast performance and security, making it easy to get your WordPress site up and running in no time. Pro Sites helps customers easily update plugins and themes, manage updates, create backups, and monitor site performance with only a few clicks, saving hours of time.  

Customers running multiple Wordpress instances find it challenging and time-consuming to update, maintain and manage all of their sites. With this integration, those same Lightsail customers can easily manage their multiple Wordpress instances in minutes with only a few clicks. Furthermore, Pro Sites offers suggestions on how to optimize the performance of customers' Wordpress sites, including SEO optimization. 

To get started, Lightsail customers simply need to create a Wordpress Bundle on the Lightsail Console and follow the link provided in the console for their free GoDaddy Pro Sites account.