Posted On: Jun 27, 2019

This Quick Start deploys MemSQL, a distributed, highly scalable structured query language (SQL) database, on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. This Quick Start is for database administrators, data architects, data scientists, and data analysts. 

MemSQL ingests data continuously to perform operational analytics on billions of rows of data in relational SQL, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), geospatial, and full-text search formats. MemSQL can handle both database workloads and data warehouse workloads, meeting transactional and analytical requirements. Together, MemSQL and AWS provide a compelling platform for building real-time applications. Depending on the number of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances chosen during the launch, each deployment takes 5-15 minutes.

To get started:

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Quick Starts are automated reference deployments that use AWS CloudFormation templates to deploy key technologies on AWS, following AWS best practices.

This Quick Start was built by MemSQL in collaboration with AWS solutions architects. MemSQL is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner.