Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) Now Supports Stopping and Starting Clusters

Posted on: Jul 2, 2019

Amazon DocumentDB is a fast, scalable, highly available, and fully managed document database service that supports MongoDB workloads. 

Amazon DocumentDB now allows you to stop and start clusters. Stopping and starting clusters makes it easy and affordable to use Amazon DocumentDB clusters for development and test purposes where the cluster is not required to be running all of the time. 

Stopping and starting a cluster requires just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console or a single call using the AWS Command Line Interface and takes just a few minutes to complete. Stopping a cluster stops the primary instance and all replica instances. While your cluster is stopped, you are charged for cluster storage, manual snapshots and automated backup storage within your specified retention window, but not for instance hours. You can stop a cluster for up to seven days at a time. After seven days, the cluster will be automatically started.

To learn more about Amazon DocumentDB and stopping and starting clusters, please see our product page and documentation.