Posted On: Jul 24, 2019

You can now tag launch templates at the time they are created, eliminating the need to run custom tagging scripts after creation. In addition, you can now set resource-level permissions on the CreateLaunchTemplate API, allowing you to implement stronger security policies by giving more granular control over who has access to that API. Resource-level permissions and tagging your launch templates on creation simplifies management and ensures that your launch templates are secured upon creation.

Launch templates templatize EC2 instance launch requests in order to streamline and simplify the instance launch process. They can be used for On-Demand instance launches as well as with EC2 Auto Scaling, EC2 Fleet, AWS Batch, and AWS CloudFormation. When used as an authorization vehicle, launch templates simplify IAM policies and ensure that organizational best practices are used for every instance launch. 

Launch templates are available in all AWS regions. You can manage resource tags for your launch templates using the console, CLI, or SDK. To learn more, read the launch templates documentation.