Posted On: Jul 30, 2019

You can now attach multiple target groups to your Amazon ECS services that are running on either Amazon EC2 or AWS Fargate. Target groups are used to route requests to one or more registered targets when using a load balancer. Attaching multiple target groups to your service allows you to simplify infrastructure code, reduce costs and increase manageability of your ECS services.  

Previously, you could attach only one target group to an ECS service. This meant you had to create multiple copies of the service for use cases such as serving traffic from internal and external facing Application or Network load balancers and exposing multiple ports.  

Now, you can attach multiple target groups per ECS service. This allows you to maintain a single ECS service that can serve traffic from both internal and external load balancers and support multiple path based routing rules and applications that need to expose more than one port. 

To learn more, visit our documentation.