Posted On: Jul 26, 2019

AWS is expanding the Extras catalog in Amazon Linux 2 to include AWS-optimized variants of new Linux Kernel releases. Starting today, an AWS-optimized Linux Kernel 4.19 is now available in Amazon Linux 2 in the Extras channel. The new kernel includes enhancements such as improved performance on A1 instances and higher bandwidth with lower latency on smaller instance types. The Linux Kernel 4.14 continues to be available as the pre-installed and default kernel in Amazon Linux 2 and receives long-term support. 

Extras in Amazon Linux 2 provide access to bleeding-edge software such new versions of language runtimes, toolchains, databases, and web stacks on a stable long-term supported Operating System (OS) to alleviate the compromise between OS stability and software freshness. Going forward, AWS will make additional kernels available via Extras. 

You can install and use the 4.19 Kernel by running sudo amazon-linux-extras install kernel-ng and rebooting your instance. Feedback on Amazon Linux 2 can be provided through your designated AWS representative or the Amazon Linux Discussion Forum. To learn more about support policies for Amazon Linux 2 Extras, refer to the Amazon Linux Frequently Asked Questions