Posted On: Jul 24, 2019

AWS Chatbot is a new service that makes it easy to set up ChatOps for AWS in your Amazon Chime chat rooms or Slack channels. AWS Chatbot provides an interactive agent that enables you to monitor and interact with your AWS resources from team chat rooms. You can receive alerts and execute commands to return diagnostic information so your team can collaborate and respond to events faster. AWS Chatbot is in beta with support for receiving notifications in your chat room.

To get started with AWS Chatbot, go to the console, perform an authorization with Amazon Chime or Slack, and add AWS Chatbot to your chat room or channel. The launch announcement blog post provides a step-by-step guide to help you set up AWS Chatbot. Please visit the AWS Chatbot homepage to learn more.

AWS Chatbot is available at no additional charge. You pay for only the underlying AWS resources needed to run you applications. You can use AWS Chatbot in any public AWS Region.